Aletide is an audiovisual interactive installation, a project started in 2013 by artist Fabio Giampietro, new media artists Ilaria Vergani Bassi and Paolo Di Giacomo. Sound design by composer Alessandro Branca. This constant evolving artwork is the combination of different techniques ranging from the digitization of pictorial stroke to virtual reality and new media art.

Aletide is an interactive swing resembling memorable human experiences. The installation mimics the childhood experience of a park swing, combined with an uncanny perception of virtual concreteness. The Aletidi or Aiora, were Dionysian celebrations in ancient Athens, whose origins are lost in the myth.

The electronic and analog hardwares generate sounds and images that are progressively captivating and vertiginous, while the human is swaying into increasingly large oscillations. It is a subjective trip inducing vertigo.


- 2014, Oct 16 - Oct 23   |   Canary District, Toronto - Ontario, Canada

- 2014, Jul 09 - Jul 20   |   La fabbrica del Vapore, Milan Italy

- 2013, Sep 21 - Oct 17   |   IFD Gallery, Milan Italy